How Often Should You Should Change Your Air Filters

The essential function of an air filter is to clean the air getting into the house through the heating and cooling system, thus keeping the air inside the house fresh. To ensure the air in the home remains clean, the HVAC air filter and furnace filters need to be changed frequently. Sometimes homeowners forget to […]

Maintenance of Air Filters

Air filters offer cleaner air to breathe to keep your family members healthy. You can quickly improve the air quality by simply installing high-quality air purifiers around us. They help capture any Volatile Organic Compounds in the air, keeping them as pure as possible. These air trap these harmful substances each time; therefore, you need […]

Air Filters for Pet Dander

Woman holding cat allergic to pet dander

When it comes to your home, are you using the right AC furnace air filter? Different particles in the air, such as pet dander, can reduce your indoor air quality, or IAQ. Something as simple as changing to a different air filter can greatly increase your air quality and help reduce allergies in the home.  […]

Covid-19 and Air Filters

Covid-19 and Air Filters

COVID-19 and Air Filters   COVID-19 can be contracted through commonly touched surfaces, but the virus can also be transmitted through airborne particles and droplets. Even particles that have settled onto surfaces can become airborne if disturbed. As we approach colder daily temperatures, you may spend more time indoors with others. An increased volume of […]

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