How Do You Control Pet Dander In Your Home?

Understanding and Managing Pet Dander: Pet dander, those minuscule flakes of skin shed by pets, can be a significant irritant in your home, causing allergies and respiratory issues for some individuals. While it includes more than just pet hair, pet dander consists of tiny particles from cats, dogs, and other furry or feathered animals. These particles can become airborne and linger in your home’s environment, sticking to surfaces and floating in the air. Managing humidity levels and choosing the right flooring, such as hardwood over carpet, can help reduce the spread.

Advanced Air Filtration Solutions: To effectively combat pet dander, investing in an advanced air filtration system is crucial. Premium Pleated Plus Carbon air filters, with a MERV rating between 8 and 12, are recommended for households with pets, as they are efficient at trapping particles without restricting airflow. Regular maintenance of these filters is essential. For homes with pets, it’s advisable to change filters every 60 days. If multiple pets live in the home or if anyone has severe allergies, consider changing them even more frequently.

Routine Cleaning and Grooming: Besides using advanced air filters, maintaining a clean home is pivotal in controlling allergens. Regularly grooming your pets, including brushing and occasional baths, helps minimize the amount of particles they shed. Additionally, keeping your home clean through vacuuming, steam cleaning fabrics, and washing pet bedding in hot water weekly is effective. This routine can further reduce the presence of allergens.

By combining good grooming practices, choosing appropriate air filtration, and keeping your living environment clean, you can significantly minimize irritants. This helps create a more comfortable home environment. This allows you and your pets to live more comfortably together, without having to sacrifice indoor air quality or deal with frequent allergic reactions. To further improve indoor air quality, consider high-quality air filters designed to combat allergens and particles.


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