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Air Filters for Odors

Pure Baking Soda Air Filters

Remember that little yellow box in Grandma’s refrigerator? Baking soda has been absorbing household odors for generations. Our Pure Baking Soda is especially strong on cooking and food waste odors. But it is also a natural, safe solution for spaces that change a lot of diapers. Naturally fresh. Grandma approved.

Air Filters for Odors

Pure Carbon Air Filters

Pure carbon is not just an element of the periodic table. It is also known for neutralizing odors, stopping them in their tracks. Whether you have manufacturing odors, chemical odors, or just some tough smells from laundry and pets, pure carbon filters pack a punch.

Air Filters for Odor

Plus Carbon Furnace Air Filters

We have developed a special process for adding carbon to our high quality pleated air filters. Media up to a MERV 12 allows us to add the carbon into the media, and still fold it so it functions beautifully. For thicker media – MERV 13 and higher- we add a special layer behind the folds, preserving the quality of the folds and adding the carbon power. Our Pleat Plus Carbon air filters catch the pollens, particles & allergens with all the vigor of our pleated filters, and they neutralize odors as air flows through. All so you don’t have to sacrifice a thing to breathe the best air

Air filters for Odors
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