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Tru Mini Pleat

Tru Mini Pleat

Nordic Pure Tru Mini Pleat AC Furnace Air Filters provide exceptional filtration for residential and commercial environments, thanks to polyethylene/polyester bicomponent fibers for the ultimate results in particle retention. Since Tru Mini Pleat air filters have more surface area than conventionally pleated furnace filters, they are better at trapping small particles and viruses.

Because of their lower airflow resistance, Nordic Pure Tru Mini Pleat furnace filters provide maximum efficiency for your HVAC unit. This translates into energy savings! Greater filtration surface area yields the potential to last twice as long as our conventionally pleated air filters. This means your air filter could last 2 to 6 months instead of just 1 to 3 months, which saves you money on HVAC system maintenance and increases the life of your replacement air filter.

Nordic Pure furnace air filters are manufactured using a heavy duty, moisture resistant beverage board frame. As with all Nordic Pure furnace air conditioner filters, the material is electrostatically charged to attract and capture unwanted particles. The media used will not promote the growth of bacteria or mold on the air filter. Our attention to the smallest of details results in a healthier living space.

Tru Mini Pleat air filters trap and remove lint, household dust, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, smoke particles, virus carriers and allergens. For fresh, clean air in your home and office, it is important to regularly change your AC filter, especially during home improvements. We recommend changing your Tru Mini Pleat HVAC furnace filter every 2-6 months, depending on your unique home or office environment.

Important Note: Almost all furnace filters have a different Actual Size (the exact dimensions) than Nominal Size (the name) printed on the air conditioner filter. It is best to measure the exact size of your A/C filter and compare it to our Actual Size to be sure your HVAC replacement filter fits!

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