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Nordic Pure is now offering this 32x32x28 ready to use Air Conditioner AC Cover. Covering your AC unit is probably the single most important step you can take to protect and extend the life of your air conditioner when not in use! An AC cover will protect your air conditioner housing and internal parts from excessive moisture from rain, sleet, snow, ice and condensation from humidity which can cause rust. It will also protect the unit from falling leaves and sticks, dust, dirt and other flying debris which can affect the performance of your unit. Fading from the UV rays of the sun which can make your air conditioner appear old and worn out can also be prevented with the use of an air conditioning cover.

The biggest concern with using air conditioner ac covers to protect outdoor units is providing airflow so moisture and humidity under the cover has a way to escape. These air conditioner covers have built-in vents to allow moisture and condensation to escape. In addition, the vents have flaps over them to prevent rain, snow, blowing debris, etc. from coming through the vents from the outside and a strong elastic hem. A/C Covers are only to be used when you are NOT using your air conditioner! Make sure your unit is turned off before putting your A/C Cover on.

One feature the air conditioner covers have is Velcro openings that extend the full height of the cover to allow you to create an opening for the lines and then Velcro the panels back together. The second feature is adjustable straps on the back panel of the cover that allow you to clip & cinch the cover tight to the air conditioner unit. With these two features, the air conditioner covers will form a custom fit every time!

They are made from light-weight polyester 300D material and are easy to put on and take off. However, do not let the fact that they are light-weight fool you! These ac covers are as protective as others with twice the weight because they have been treated with a special water-resistant chemical that repels moisture. An air conditioning cover should keep water out – not trap it in.

While many outdoor air conditioner units are made of aluminum and other corrosion resistant metals, there are often some smaller parts in and around the unit that are not, and are prone to rust if exposed to harsh elements. The heavy duty straps around the bottom and middle of the cover will make sure it can be securely fastened and should not blow off in heavy winds. The Freon lines and electrical lines to the units can be routed between the Velcro slits on the corners then re-fastened so most brands and configurations can be covered quite nicely.
Note: If your connections are not on the corners of your air conditioning unit, this ac cover will not work well for you.

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