Ceiling Fan Air Filters – 1 Fan Per Package Pack of 1

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Dust is a combination of dirt, pollen, hair, dead skin, pet dander, dust mites, and/or dust mite feces. No one wants these particles floating throughout one’s house. Although it’s impossible to completely rid your home of dust, our premium ceiling fan air filters can control the dust as they are made with our cost-effective, electrostatic filter media. Nordic Pure’s electrostatically charged filters remove up to 97.8% of the pollutants that invade your domain!

The ceiling fan air filters attach to the top side of ceiling fan blades and remove airborne dust, pollen, animal hair, and other contaminants that circulate with the air as the ceiling fan operates. These aerodynamically designed filters are specially treated to entrap contaminants and the germs and bacteria that ride along with the dust and dirt to help keep your home healthier and safer.

The amazing ceiling fan air filters prevent the build-up of dust and dust bunnies along the edge of each fan blade. So, when Nordic Pure tells you that we try to reduce dust in your home, we are serious!

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