Filter Charger for Disposable Filters 14oz Pack of 1

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Improves Filter Efficiency! Filter Charger can be used on disposable residential furnace/AC filters and vent register filters. A fine mist of the Tackifier spray improves efficiency on fiberglass and pleated filters. Filter Charger is an inexpensive way to upgrade inefficient fiberglass and also pleated filters to help capture airborne irritants. A citrus fragrance is added to provide a fresh pleasant scent. Directions: Use in ventilated area. Shake can well before using. Hold can upright 6 to 8 inches from filter surface. Spray lightly on both sides to coat entire filter surface. Install filter. Filter Charger will remain tacky. * Spray directly onto disposable fiberglass and pleated filters. * Helps disposable filters trap dust, pollen, & mold spores. * Charges up to 100 disposable filters. * One(1) 14oz. aerosol can. Not intended for use with washable electrostatic filters or electronic air purifiers/filters.

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