Lead IAQ Screen Check Kit Pack of 1

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Now You Can Screen For Lead in Your Own Home! The Lead IAQ Screen Check kit detects lead instantly at-home with no sending samples to costly labs! • Easy to use • Results in seconds • Includes package of eight tests Get results instantly at-home! Check for lead in: • Plastic & metal toys – painted surfaces on toys, pet toys • Fabrics all natural and man-made fibers • Paint chips, painted surfaces • Pottery dishes, china, ceramic-ware, glass, leaded crystal • Electronics, circuit boards & other industrial applications • Children’s Lunch Boxes Soil (garden, lawn & industrial) • Dust renovation / construction dust & dirt • Jewelry children’s / toy jewelry • Solder Joints, plumbing, bath tub glazes • Mini-blinds, furniture, antiques, food can seams, candle wicks • Mexican Candy Cosmetic Make-up (lipstick, mascara) • Pet Food Bowls & Pet Toys • Baby Bibs & more! Lead Screen Check DIY Test Kits are: • Simple to use – Turns color to indicate the presence of lead • Convenient – Simple to use. Results in seconds! • Inexpensive – No instruments or analysis required • Easy to interpret – Confirmation steps included in each kit 1. CLEAN AREA: Clean the area of any dust or dirt. 2. INSERT A SWAB into the Indicator Vial 3. RUB: Gently rub the surface to be tested with the cotton swab tip for about 30-60 seconds. If the surface or swab tip changes color, lead is present.

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