Prevent Wrap-Around Air Conditioner Coil Filter 38x110 Pack of 1

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Air Conditioner Coil Filter PreVent® Wrap Around Kit is a permanent, washable woven synthetic fabric media. It measures 38″ x 110″ and is cut to fit your unit. As your air conditioner runs, dirt, leaves, and other debris get pulled into the grill, which can clog the coil fins and restrict airflow. This diminishes its cooling capacity and efficiency, which shortens its lifespan. Preventing damage is easy with Permatron’s PATENTED PreVent® Equipment Protection Filter! Black polypropylene media is UV protected and contains an inherent electrostatic charge that won’t diminish over time. The air conditioner coil filter will stand up to hostile environments including corrosive areas, UV exposure, and fluctuating weather conditions.

The air conditioner coil filter can be quickly removed and cleaned by spraying with water at the filter interior side forcing the dirt and debris back out the exterior side or vacuumed in place. Each air conditioner coil filter is packaged with (3) 20″ bungee cords. Simply affix the air conditioner coil filter to the outer perimeter of the air intake fins and hold it in place with unique elastic bungee cord/hook attachments.

Why Buy a PreVent® Outdoor Air Conditioner Coil Filter?

1. The outdoor air conditioner coil is exposed to unfiltered outdoor air and dirt.
2. A dirty air conditioner coil reduces the Air Conditioning System’s ability to cool.
3. According to EPA research, 0.042 inches of dirt on an air conditioning coil can reduce its cooling efficiency by 21%.
4. A/C units operating with dirty coils can use as much as 37% more energy.
5. Package includes three 20″ bungee cords.

Permatron 5-Year Warranty Permatron takes pride in the quality and workmanship of its products. All are built to give years of trouble-free service. Any filter found to be defective in workmanship or materials, when returned to Permatron shipping charges prepaid, will be repaired or replaced without charge. With proper care and cleaning, your filter should last for many years.

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