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One(1) Window Screen Replacement Cartridge for #1144 Window Filter For use in the 11″ Tall Window Screen Filters (24″-44″ width range) ***This is the replacement cartridge only. Not the complete Window Filter.*** The Safeguard Window Filter provides your home with fresh air all year long. The filter keeps out dust, dirt and is tested 94% efficient at keeping out ragweed pollen so you can enjoy fresh air without suffering from allergy symptoms. You’ll get a nice air exchange in the room without the wind. Even in inclement weather the Safeguard Window filter provides fresh filter air. Coated screen baffles keep out rain, snow and wind*. These baffles slow down the air to increase the filters efficiency. The Safeguard Window Filter has a durable warp-proof, rust-proof aluminum frame. Built to last for years. Now with replaceable filter cartridges! The Safeguard Window Filter is available in sizes to fit most double-hung windows. Simply raise the bottom window, set the filter in place and adjust to the width of your window jamb, then lower the window to rest snugly on the frame. No tools necessary. The vinyl around the edges creates a tight seal. You can vacuum the white filter media with a hose attachment or blow it out to keep it clean. The screen filter should be replaced at least once per year. Frequently Asked Questions: 1. Can I use the filters in different styles of windows? The window screen filter is designed for double hung windows. It will not work with Jalousie or Awning style windows. Window screens may not work with vertical-sliding windows. They work best with windows that open up and down. • How often should the filter cartridge be replaced? Usually once a year will do but you may have to replace it more often depending on the amount of air contamination. 3. Can I clean the window filter media? You can remove the poly filter and either vacuum the filter with a hose vacuum or reverse the flow and blow the dirt off. Be careful to protect your eyes and wear a dust mask. Follow the instructions for removing the filter beforehand. 4. How will I know when to change the filter cartridge? When the filter is covered with dirt you are not getting enough airflow. At least change it once a year or when the filter is no longer cleaning easily with a vacuum hose. 5. What is the filter material made out of? The window filter material is made of primarily polyesters. The screen is double sided metal mesh and the frame is made of a durable, warp-proof, rust-proof aluminum. 6. Why can’t I see the air coming through the filter? The design of the double mesh screen slows down the air flow to filter the air efficiently. You should have air exchange without the wind. 7. What keeps the bugs, rain, snow, etc. out? The double-sided screen and the filter media keep the contaminants out. 8. Can you insert the filter into the window upside down to accommodate different types of windows? There is no right side up with the window filter. It works the same either way. This window screen filter is made for double hung windows. WARNING: This product is NOT a guard, Keep Children Away from open windows. Window Ventilator Replaceable Filter Cartridge – Filter Change Instructions: In order to replace the filter in your window ventilator you will need a standard phillips head screwdriver and the appropriate sized cartridges [i.e. 736 cartridges for a model 736 ventilator]. Please read the directions carefully before attempting to change the cartridge. First remove the ventilator from the window to a surface that is easily cleaned. When removing the old filter, trapped dirt and dust may fall off. If you are particularly sensitive to dust pollen and dirt you may want to wear a mask or have someone else replace the cartridge for you. Put the ventilator in a closed position. Keeping the ventilator closed remove the two silver screws from the plain plastic endcap closest to you. Pull the old filter toward you and discard. If this is the first time the filter has been replaced, it will be in three pieces. Do not remove the plastic rails on the outer edges of the replacement cartridge. These rails stay on the cartridge even in use. Take the new filter cartridge and slide it into the channel leaving the black rails in place. These rails facilitate installation and removal and should be left on the filter. Replace the two screws and the endcap. The endcap will slightly compress the screen when you replace it. Turn the ventilator over and repeat the process for the other panel. *The Safeguard Window Filter will not work effectively in gale force winds, hurricanes, or tornadoes. The filter should be removed from your window in extreme weather conditions.

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