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Air Vent Filters

Nordic Pure Air Vent Filters trap airborne contaminants through furnace/AC registers. Vent filters prevent dirt and objects from falling into ducts. Use them in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and RVs to reduce odors.

Nordic Pure Air Vent Filters are easy to install. Once you remove the register vent and measure the opening. Air vent filters can be trimmed to fit standard size vents – 10″ X 12″ and under. Most vents will be 2 1/4″ X 12″ – 4″ X 10″ – 4″ X 6″ – 4″ X 12″. Install in the bottom of the air register or in the register opening. For best results, change the filter every 60-90 days or when full.

This product should not be used in every vent in your home, nor should it replace AC/furnace filters. Improper use of air vent filters could lead to air flow restriction or damaged HVAC units.

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