Nordic Pure Wholesale Program

HVAC & Other Industry Specialists

We work with commercial customers to meet a variety of air filtration needs. Nordic Pure® sells a wide range of air filter solutions that are perfect for commercial buildings, special equipment, manufacturing environments, medical facilities and many other places. Contact the Nordic Pure® sales team to learn more about the benefits of becoming a reseller today!

Authorized Dealers

Do you operate “brick and mortar” stores or an e-commerce site? Does your sales inventory include air filters? Are your customers asking about indoor air filtration? If so, consider becoming an Authorized Dealer of Nordic Pure® air filters. We offer two ways for Authorized Dealers to sell our products.

  1. We can drop ship directly to your customers. It’s easy – just Include Nordic Pure® air filters in your online store so customers can purchase from your business.
    How it works: If approved, you will have a login for our wholesale customer portal. From here you can download our item information and pricing to add to your site. You can also enter your orders on the customer portal or send us our CSV template for us to import your orders for you. When we receive a Nordic Pure® product order from you, it is sent directly to our shipping queue and we’ll take care of order fulfillment.
  2. Maintain a physical inventory of Nordic Pure® HVAC filters. This is the best option for “brick and mortar” stores that sell home improvement products directly to customers. It’s also perfect for HVAC service companies – when your staff services a system, they can also sell a Nordic Pure® air filter to make sure customers have the best filter for their home.
    How it works: Order pallets of Nordic Pure® air filters and we’ll deliver them to your business so you can sell them.

Nordic Pure® Authorized Dealers can sell on many e-commerce platforms and in physical stores. Spread the love of fresh indoor air and grow your sales at the same time – learn more about how to become an Authorized Dealer by Contacting the Nordic Pure® sales team today!

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